What’s the Best Way to Reduce Body Roll in a Lexus LS460 for Sharper Handling?

As you navigate the twists and turns of a demanding road, you may notice your Lexus LS460 leaning into the corners. It’s a sensation described as body roll, which may compromise your vehicle’s handling and overall high-performance driving experience. What’s the best way to reduce body roll for a sharper, sportier ride in your Lexus LS460? Let’s delve into the specifics to enhance your Lexus’ steering control and suspension system performance.

Understanding the Lexus LS460 Suspension System

The Lexus LS460 is designed with a multi-link suspension system, a staple in many high-performance vehicles. This system uses several suspension components to control the wheels’ movements, providing a comfortable ride and impressive handling characteristics.

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To fully understand how to reduce body roll, you first need to understand the fundamental operation of the suspension system. The suspension system has two primary functions: to maintain consistent road contact with the tires, and to provide a comfortable ride for the vehicle’s occupants.

In the Lexus LS460, the front and rear suspension systems absorb the impact from road irregularities, ensuring the tires remain in contact with the road surface. The system is also designed to effectively dampen the vertical oscillations of the car body, thus providing the smooth, luxurious ride Lexus is known for.

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However, when driving at high speeds or taking tight corners, the vehicle’s body will lean, or roll, towards the outside of the turn. This is what’s known as body roll, and it can affect the vehicle’s stability and handling characteristics.

Identifying and Addressing Body Roll in a Lexus LS460

Body roll is a term used to describe the tilting or leaning of a vehicle’s body towards the outside of a turn. In your Lexus LS460, you might notice body roll when you’re taking corners at higher speeds or when manoeuvring quickly. This is because the car’s weight shifts towards the outside of the turn, leading to the inside wheels losing some of their grip on the road.

Reducing body roll will significantly enhance the vehicle’s handling and control. The simplest and most effective way to reduce body roll in the Lexus LS460 is by upgrading or modifying the suspension system components. Two key components that can help reduce body roll are anti-roll bars (also known as sway bars) and high-performance sport shocks.

Anti-roll bars are connected to both the left and right sides of the car’s suspension system. They work to evenly distribute weight and keep the car level, reducing body roll. In the LS460, upgrading to a stiffer anti-roll bar can help keep the car more level during turns, enhancing the vehicle’s stability and control.

High-performance sport shocks can also assist in reducing body roll. These shocks have stiffer damping characteristics that reduce the amount of body lean during turns. Upgrading your Lexus LS460 to sport shocks will provide a firmer, sportier ride and improved handling.

The Significance of High-Quality Tires

In addition to the suspension system, tires also play a critical role in your car’s handling capabilities. Tires provide the traction needed to navigate turns and stops, and they absorb some of the impact from road irregularities.

In a Lexus LS460, using high-quality performance tires can help reduce body roll and improve overall handling. Performance tires typically have stiffer sidewalls and tread patterns designed to offer better grip, especially during cornering. The increased grip reduces the likelihood of the car leaning heavily to the side during turns, helping to reduce body roll.

Retrofitting the Suspension System

Retrofitting the suspension system of your Lexus LS460 is a comprehensive way to reduce body roll and improve handling. Lowering the suspension, for instance, can decrease the vehicle’s center of gravity, reducing the tendency for body roll during cornering.

Also, consider installing coil-overs. Coil-overs are a type of suspension device that can be adjusted to control the ride height and stiffness of the vehicle. By adjusting the coil-overs, you can control how much the car leans or rolls during turns.

Remember that any changes to your Lexus LS460 should be performed by a professional to ensure the upgrades are correctly installed and safe. By taking these steps to reduce body roll in your vehicle, you can enhance its handling capabilities, providing a more controlled and sportier driving experience.

The Relationship Between Sway Bars and Body Roll

The sway bar, also referred to as the anti-roll bar, is a crucial component of your vehicle’s suspension system. When the Lexus LS460 takes a turn, the weight of the vehicle shifts to the outer wheels, which leads to the inner wheels having less weight and grip on the road. This shift in weight, known as weight transfer, is what causes the sensation of body roll.

A sway bar works by increasing the suspension’s effective spring rate when the vehicle encounters a turn, thus limiting body roll. This bar is a metal rod that connects the left and right suspension components. When one wheel goes up (like in a turn), the sway bar applies force to the other wheel to help keep the vehicle level. The stiffer the sway bar, the less body roll you’ll experience during a turn.

Upgrading to a rigid sway bar can enhance your Lexus LS460’s stability and control. When considering an upgrade, keep in mind the balance between the front and rear sway bars. This balance, known as front rear balance, is vital for maintaining the car’s handling characteristics. Installing a stiffer front bar will reduce body roll but can lead to understeer, while a more rigid rear bar can increase oversteer.

A professional technician can provide advice on the best sway bar setup for your Lexus LS460, taking into account your driving habits and the car’s current suspension setup. Remember, the aim is to limit body roll without compromising the vehicle’s overall handling and comfort.

Adjusting Damping Force with Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers play a significant role in managing body roll in your Lexus LS460. They control the speed at which the suspension springs compress and rebound, affecting how quickly the vehicle responds to changes in the road surface and weight transfer.

The damping force provided by shock absorbers is vital in controlling body roll. Upgrading to sport shocks can provide stiffer damping characteristics, reducing the amount of body lean during turns. Sport shocks offer a balance between comfort and performance, ensuring your Lexus LS460 remains comfortable for daily driving while providing improved handling for more spirited driving sessions.

When considering shock absorbers for your vehicle, it’s essential to remember the relationship between the front and rear shock absorbers. Just like with sway bars, the balance between the front and rear shocks, known as front rear damping, is crucial for maintaining the car’s handling characteristics. Typically, stiffer front shocks will reduce body roll but may lead to understeer, while stiffer rear shocks can lead to oversteer.

Again, a professional technician can provide guidance on selecting the right shock absorbers for your vehicle, considering your driving habits and the car’s current setup. By carefully selecting and tuning your vehicle’s suspension components, you can reduce body roll and enjoy a more controlled, sportier driving experience.


Reducing body roll in your Lexus LS460 involves a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s suspension system and the role of key components such as the sway bar and shock absorbers. Modifying or upgrading these components can have a dramatic impact on the vehicle’s handling characteristics, providing a sharper and sportier driving experience. Ensuring a balanced setup between the front and rear components is crucial for maintaining optimal handling.

Remember to always consult with a professional when making these modifications to ensure they are correctly installed and safe. With the right upgrades and adjustments, you can significantly reduce body roll in your Lexus LS460, enhancing your high-performance driving experience.